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No.98 - Can red monkeys swim?

New Year brings more concrete ambitions.

Its always a bit magical... the start of a new year. Time for New Years resolutions in which you mostly state to sport more, eat better and spend more time with family and friends. In general these resolutions are your home-base and should be common ground. Living in Singapore - I will share my New Years resolutions now as the Chinese New Year is about to start.

2016 is year of the Red Monkey. Chinese apply Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) into the Chinese calendar. 2016 is linked to the Fire group. The color of Fire is connected to Red. Therefore, 2016 is the Red Fire Monkey year. The Chinese horoscope prediction combines the theory of Five Elements, the relationships betweens animal signs and the image meaning of I-Ching hexagram. Lets make 2016 together a healthy and prosperous New Year - Gong xi fa cai.

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The World Economic Forum just published their new list of global challenges - and Water is for the 2nd time of the highest position. This list of priorities will provide a strong umbrella to focus on my sweet-spot for Crazy About Water; a valuable matrix of partnerships and events. I am very content with the current partners I am working with over the coming months - as I am still building the house (governance-structure) for Crazy About Water. The following four words describe my agenda for coming period: FOCUS-PASSION-TEAMWORK-IMPACT.


Providing strategic support to Holland Water Branding and Netherlands Water House - Singapore.

I am working approximately one day a week for the Dutch Embassy on concrete roadmap towards Singapore International Water Week. This role is much focussed on

  • Set up NWH in Singapore and actively coordinate the activities of Dutch companies in the water sector.

  • Develop the visiting program of Mr Henk Ovink to Singapore.

  • Coordinate the Dutch pavilion at SIWW, organise events surrounding this event and act as contactperson for Dutch Water Companies.

Partnering with Holland Water Challenge to bring new and more sustainable water challenges in Asia. Working at the moment on Myanmar Netherlands Water Challenge and exploring a new edition of Singapore Netherlands Water Challenge. 

  • Great to work with committed Dutch Water Sector partners in this challenge and foremost to be inspired by future water leaders: students from 9 Myanmar universities.
  • The program brings important insights for the students about Myanmar water challenges and provides inspiration for what potential role to play in the future. After the launch, Dutch Water experts will give lectures at the universities and students can apply for 3 day challenge program in May (10-12)

Working on concepts that bridge the world of Hubs / Incubation spaces(programs) and theme of water (start-ups). Combine the philosophy of The Hub Singapore and PUB WaterHub. I would like to transform the eco-system of water by connecting different players and initiatives to become more innovative and collaborative.  I am working one-day per week out of The Impact Hub Singapore at 128 Prinsepstreet.

Collaborating with Social Water Entreprises such as and The GoodWater Company. After having worked for Akvo in Amsterdam/Africa and Singapore/SE-Asia - I decided to continue my journey, but would like to play my role as an Ambassador for Akvo and share / promote the great work they are doing on mobile monitoring (including sensors) in Development programs. The GoodWater Company is a solutions integrator that provides a platform with simple and affordable solutions to create social and environmental impact. Its a privilege to work out of The GoodWater Company office for 1-2 days a week to share experiences, knowledge and partnerships.

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Dot on the horizon: building in collaboration with amazing partners 'Crazy About Water' concepts / adventures / journeys / experiences. Future-wise I would love to take on these concrete water challenges that seems impossible to fix: 'Dirty Rio water a health hazard for athletes, threat to 2016 Olympics'

The following quotes will be work in progress - and would love to hear your feedback...

Crazy About Water develops inspiring real-time (data-driven) water stories by working with Adventurous people / Civil society (crowd) / Students / Researchers / Athletes / Companies / Governments and NGO's to show (and understand) the world the importance of rivers, reservoirs and oceans. 

Crazy about Water provides a perspective (a dream) for sustainable water stories: e.g. cleaning up a river / reservoirs / oceans by generating unique crowd-based insights (datasets and content). 


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