• Crazy About Water

    Change the world through water innovations

  • Water is key for life,

    and central to societal & economic development

    For the second time in history, the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2016 Global Risk Report, ranks water crises the highest concern for the next 10 years.

    Crazy About Water believes in inclusive collaborations with people that are passionate, curious and eager to learn about water; people who dare to change the world, just like ‘The Crazy Ones'.

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    Building a sustainable water eco-system by leveraging 'crazy’ people, processes and solutions to develop inclusive coalitions and transformative journeys.

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    • Make more people care about water
    • Develop impactful water business concepts
    • Connect the relevant people to transform water into the best product ever
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    • Create innovative water campaigns 
    • Accelerate game-changers that will transform the water world for good
    • Match water concepts and innovative technologies with the relevant people
  • Crazy About Water - Services

      Transform people, processes and solutions by

      • Building a brand legacy and sustainable business models
      • Nurturing innovative ideas into scalable water concepts
      • Providing a platform to connect and interact with water professionals

    1. Its all about the crazy MIX

      to impact the world through water innovations

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      Brand Development


      Volvo Ocean Race '05-'06.

      Nike. Power of Brands. Cannes Lions 

      #awareness #engagement

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      Water Expertise


      Football for Water '12-'16.

      Water Festival DDD2012 

      Public-Private Partnerships #innovation #transparency

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      Business Models 

      Incubation Programs

      ABN AMRO Bank

      Public Affairs, Sustainability, Social Enterprises, Akvo.org 

      #mobile #impact

    2. Partners

      ...that are Crazy About Water too.

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      More information about our current partnerships - check out the following blog 'Can Red Monkeys Swim' . 

      To be Continued.

    3. About the founder - Frodo - since 1977

      Amsterdam. Montessori. Tilburg. Economics. Marketing. Nike. Nijmegen. Master Business Administration. ABN AMRO Bank. Marathon Chicago. Private Clients & New Growth Markets. TEAM ABN AMRO in the Volvo Ocean Race. Public Affairs. Young Professional of the Year. Frodo.cc. Incubator. Sabbatical South America. Netherlands Water partnership. Public Private Partnerships. Marathon Berlin. Water, Sanitation & Hygiene. Married. Hanke. Akvo.org. Mobile Monitoring. Transparency. Football for Water. Singapore. INSEAD DBS Social Entrepreneurship. Code4Change Myanmar. Akvo Pte Ltd. ASEAN. Netherlands Water House Singapore. 2015…... 

      Founder #CrazyAboutWater


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